I am always on the hunt for new and interesting things to share with you. Some are new to the market and others just new to me. I am always on the lookout. Here are is my current list.  I have bought a few of them already!

1. Customize a set of stackable bracelets for $25 at the baublebar.com. Believe me this is not the only thing you will find.  I love the pendant bar and stackable rings too!

2. I happened on this brand at the Museum of Contempory Art Chicago. I spent more time in the gift shop then in the actual museum.  I am always in search of unique t-shirts! Once I started researching elevenparis, I found many!

 3. I collect charms every where I travel. Some I have done things with, others sit in a box in a drawer.  I love this idea by Jennifer Miller …adding your own charms to this leather necklace.  

4.  My latest polish obsession- Dior polish in Metal Montaigne.

5. I came upon this store in Chicago’s Bucktown! The sunglasses are amazing and you won’t see them on everyone! stevenalanoptical.com

6. This is such a cool concept for the perfect pair of levi’s. This company takes vintage Levi’s and remakes them in to modern styles. They go fast and will set you back $200-$300! But you will have them a lifetime….right?????  redun.com